Inês Cabral


Inês Cabral (born in Lisbon in 1974) is a visual artist who studied Fine Arts in Lisbon (Portugal), in The Hague (Holland) and in Valencia (Spain). In 1997 she graduated in Painting at the FBAUL, University of Lisbon. Since then she has exhibited in single- and group shows, being selected for international biennials and art prizes as well. Besides her artistic career, she taught in secondary schools over nine years a wide range of subjects such as Drawing, Art History, and Design among others. Since 2007 she has lived and worked in Berlin and Lisbon, where she has taking part in pedagogical projects and is developing her artwork mainly in the area of painting.



Scenes from everyday life, details and coincidences are recurrent topics in my work. I paint them figuratively, almost in a photorealistic way, including details and imperfections. Abstract geometric patterns, stripes or formless space elevate shapes and objects. I capture atmospheres, which otherwise would remain unnoticed.

I usually work in series. To develop a series of work, I thoroughly research each topic by reading, taking photographs and drawing. Usually a series takes months, or even years to be finished. I like to work on several series at the same time so I can cross and mix works. Some works belong to different series simultaneously. Painting and drawing help me achieve a sense of peace and tranquility: a feeling of release and joy.